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Issues you might have on older verisons

The This Week, Next Week, This Month and Next Month buttons can cause the app to crash if you have a task with a date which is a long time in the future (fixed in update 1.2).

DelayTask does not support iOS 5 (support is no longer implied in update 1.2).

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How it works

DelayTask only shows you the tasks whose date or time has been reached, hiding others from view. If you want to view future tasks you can do so by tapping the “All” button.

When a period of several days is selected such as “This month” or “Next week” DelayTask will look at the dates in that range and assign the task to the least busy date in the period selected.

Deleting tasks

Swipe to the right and tap to delete tasks.

Set a specific day (v1.1)

Press "Return" on the keyboard to reveal a date and time picker.

Repeat tasks (v1.2)

"Repeat tasks" block tasks from being truly deleted. Instead they just move the specified number of days into the future each time.